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Since our establishment in 1973, our company has been making efforts to develop the IT industry by walking out of the way as a professional manufacturer of electronic components.
Seongho Electronics Co. Ltd. is sure to be a leading company in the domestic industry through its film capacitors, power supply units and capacitors used in digital TVs, set-top boxes, LED lighting and printers. In the 2000s, China Zhuhai corporation and Liang corporation have been expanding into Japan, Taiwan, China, the Americas and Europe.
Especially, recently, the sales of our products are continuously increasing due to the increase of market dominance of Korean products in the global digital TV market such as LED and 3D TV. Through the development of fuel saving type hybrid car condenser and solar inverter We are preparing the future of Sungho Electronics.
All the members of Sungho Electronics who are engaged in the IT industry faster than any industrial sector are always striving to become a first-class company that is faithful to reality and prepare for future change. I promise to be a company that is loved and trusted.
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Sungho Electronics co.,Ltd. Chairman Park Hyun Nam

Chairman Hyun Nam Park
1973. 02 Graduated Seon-lin High School
1977. 10 Joined Jinyoung Electronics
1993. 02 Became the president of Jinyoung Electronics
2000. 03 Became the chairman
Present Owner of HQ, Weihai Sungho, and Zhuhai Sungho
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