Sungho’s Capacitor Division is

manufacturing and selling various types of film capacitors for TV(LED,3D,etc), power supply unit, ballast stabilizaer, etc.

With three factories (Seoul, Zhuhai, and Weihai), Sungho’s Capacitor Division can manufacture 100 million film capacitors per month.

Our main customers are Samsung, LG, Delta, FSP, Sanken, Toshiba, etc. Especially Sungho is suppling more than 80% of epoxy-dipped type film capacitors for Samsung and LG group.

With our strong major customers, Sungho’s Capacitor Division is planning future through R&D on developing film capacitors for LED lighting, hybrid cars, and electronic cars.

Sungho’s SMPS Division is

currently manufacturing and seeling power supply unit(SMPS) for Set-Top Box, printer, personal computer, adapter, etc from Zhuhai and Weihai factories in China

Sungho’s SMPS Division entered the market in 2004. However, with continuous efforts on cost-cutting and quality control, Sungho’s SMPS Division is successfully positioned in the market achieving around 100 million USD sales in 2010(expected).

Furthermore, Sungho’s SMPS Division is continuously putting efforts on R&D for green businesses such as LED lighting and solar energy to leap forward.

Sungho’s Film Division is

Seongho Electro-film Produces metal evaporated film used for capacitor production directly, and can supply raw materials needed by capacitor business from time to time.

A total of 6 evaporators were introduced in 2016, and monthly production increased from 80 tons to 130 tons due to the increased utilization rate.